Susanna Reay

When I met with Florien I was at a sticking point with my offer that I wanted to launch the following week. I had the base idea set and I knew what I was going to do – the how – but no clear definition on the pain points or the results that my clients would get.

At the end of the session, I felt a huge sense of relief. With Florien fully on board, we completely reworked the concept, quickly establishing my goals, and also more importantly what I did not want to sell in this launch.

Together we co-created a web sales page that is smart, to the point and will sell. The result was 50% sign up for the program that was released to those in my Facebook group only – an amazing sign up conversion rate!

Florien is all about creating a concept that sells. She can take your vague idea into a defined outcome. I left the session feeling accomplished and ready to launch. Other coaches have often left me with more questions than I started with, but Florien asks the questions so you can answer them fast! I can’t thank Florien enough for our power session.

I am British, with years spent living in the USA and Europe, and I can vouch that Florien has a high level of International English. Florien knows the words that sell and have the perfect meaning, but she also understands the nuances between American and British English, and will take your preferences into account.

Susanna Reay

Online Business Catalyst for Introverted Experts, Susanna Reay empowers female entrepreneurs to shine authentically in their business

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Monique Koster

Ik wilde iemand met copywriter ervaring die kritisch met mij mee keek naar mijn teksten en aanbod. Mijn grootste inzicht was dat het schrijven van goede content erg belangrijk is om de juiste klanten aan te trekken. Dat wist ik natuurlijk wel, maar dat werd me eens te...

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